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TheProperty.Services is a networking platform for real estate, construction, and financial services.

We offer a complete integration of opportunities for realtors, contractors, investors, lenders as well as home buyers, sellers, landlords, and tenants, where we not only make it possible to achieve your goals, we are also able to provide the best solutions to your needs.

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We cover every home and décor style, architectural innovations, furniture, DIY ideas, cool places, inspiration galleries, video guides, new design trends and decor tips.

We welcome suggestions, inspiration pictures, videos and resources that will help our readers. We want our visitors to ask questions and help others in the Questions and Answers forums.
We also want to bring the resources where you can find the tools, materials, and décor that will help you Transform Your Living Space!

Services & Features:
• Articles – Help you achieve your home decorating and home improvement goals, from ideas, costs and reference guides.
• Tutorials & How To Guides – Step by step décor and remodeling tips and tutorials to provide you with ideas, tools and materials information, always consult a professional.
• Shopping Guides – They help you compare, review and make smart buying decisions when planning a home décor and remodeling project.
• Inspiration Photo Galleries  Find thousands of décor and remodeling ideas, the best of the internet is here, you can submit your photos and enjoy browsing for inspiration.
• Video Tutorials:  A useful collection or the best videos available online, to guide in that home décor and remodeling project.
• Questions & Discussions:  Have a question about décor, repairs or remodeling, products or services? Find answers fast and help others with your own décor and remodeling experience.
• Home Décor Marketplace:   The best home décor furniture and accessories online, from the best merchants and at prices you will love, why to spend so much time comparing so many stores, we have the best of all.
• Home Improvement Marketplace:   If you need construction materials and tools, then you are in the right place, with the best products from the best merchants online and locally, try and see for yourself. The best brands, products and prices for the Kitchen, Flooring and Bathroom project.
• Product Reviews:  Find everything about that product before you buy it, let others share their experience and learn about the cons and pros before making a purchase; you can also provide your own comments and review to help others.
• Local Stores & Services Directory:  Need reliable handymen fast? Try the local directory where you can find the best contractors, designers, and handymen in your area. How about local stores selling furniture, accessories, construction materials and tools, yep, we have them all.

Ideal for:
• People looking for Home Décor and Home Improvement Ideas, Guides Products, and Services.
• Home Décor and Home Improvement Professionals such as Contractors, Designers, Handymen, and Architects.
• Home Décor and Home Improvement Store Owners looking to attract local customers.
• Home Décor and Home Improvement Merchants looking to get customers who buy online.
• Advertisers looking to promote their Home Décor and Home Improvement products and services.

How does it work:
• People can submit their pictures and videos to be featured on the site.
• People can comment, ask and answer home décor & improvement questions other members may have.
• Professionals can submit and list their profiles and services to be featured in the local directory and be found by people looking for home décor and improvement services.
• Store owners can submit and list their stores and business information in the local directory and be found by people looking for home décor and improvement products.
• Merchants can submit and list their products in the Marketplace, no commission or store fees.
• Advertisers can list their promotional material in specifically designed target areas related to their products and services.